The Sun Prepaid Mastercard

The Sun prepaid Mastercard was first launched back in 2007 and since then has proven popular with UK customers.

The prepaid card can be easily topped up with any credit or debit card, or via SMS text message, or with a Paysafe voucher available from PayPoint retailers.

Compared with other prepaid credit cards available, The Sun prepaid card does offer a fairly low ATM cash withdrawal fee, and because it operates on the Mastercard network you have access to the thousands of ATM’s worldwide.

Depending on how you plan to use the card the pre-pay card fees can be a little high. It is also worth noting that even though there is no fee with foreign exchange rates, a 2.95% fee is added to all retail transactions – regardless of whether the purchases are made in the UK or overseas.

The Tuxedo Sun prepaid card can be easily topped up for free from a high street bank, or for a 99p fee can be reloaded at any UK Post Office branch.

The application process is simple, and with no credit check you’ll be quickly up and running with your new Sun prepaid card. All new customers also receive their own paying in book with the initial purchase.


  • No Credit Checks
  • Low UK ATM fees – £0.50
  • No point of sale fee in the UK or abroad
  • SMS Account Control Available
  • Free Load at Bank – free Paying in book


  • £4.99 Monthly Fee

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